First Day in the Computer Lab

LEVEL: Beginning

LIFESKILLS UNIT: Any unit; most appropriate before and during the first day in the computer lab

LESSON OBJECTIVES: Identify the parts of the computer, use the mouse to point, click, and drag

TECHNOLOGY PRE-REQUISITE SKILLS: none (however, this lesson is geared towards a class with varying levels of computer skills, and assumes that at least some students already know how to use a mouse)

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Speaking  Listening  Reading  Writing


Interpersonal Skills:

Guide others


Cooperate with others

Decision-making Skills:

Solve Problems and Make Decisions

Lifelong Learning Skills:

Use Information and Communications Technology

Reflect and Evaluate

Take Responsibility for Learning

ESTIMATED TIME: 3 hours (1 1/2 hours in the classroom, 1 1/2 hours in the lab)

RESOURCES AND MATERIALS NEEDED: realia or pictures of computer parts, technology skills assessment form, computers with mouse practice web page or computer solitaire ready to go, a blank word processing document, minimized, printer and paper.


    4. Have students do an information grid based on the skills assessment they just did. The purpose is to practice orally and in writing the vocabulary just learned, and to help computer novices and those with some computer experience pair up. The language used can be adapted to any level of English proficiency.

    5. Once the students finish their information grids, have them use the information to form mixed level (of computer experience) groups of 2-4. Tell them they will be helping each other in the lab.

*Before going to the lab, elicit lab rules from the students and add any others that may apply to your institutution/program. Make a list on the board, and point them out again in the lab.