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The Advanced Culture, Civics, and English Studies (ACCESS) Curriculum was created for advanced level students in the REEP program. Students in ACCESS levels (500 and 550) refine their English language skills in the context of academic subject areas. With a focus on U.S. culture, history, and current events, ACCESS is designed to help students develop the background knowledge necessary to transition to non-language focused activities. Special attention is paid to writing, reading, oral presentation, study strategies, and test taking skills.

Each 12-week instructional cycle is divided into a series of thematic units that allow students to experience a broad range of academic content material.

Annual Overview

The instructional year at REEP is divided into four 12-week cycles. Each 12-week instructional cycle is divided into a series of units that allow students to experience a broad range of content material. Each thematic unit is taught once a year. Click on the links to view or print the thematic units.

1st Cycle

2nd Cycle

Getting Started

Getting Started

U.S. Government

U.S. Education


U.S. Civil War

U.S. Economy


Final Reflections

Final Reflections

3rd Cycle

4th Cycle

Getting Started

Getting Started

Civil Rights

The Environment & You

Food and U.S. Culture

The Great Depression and the New Deal

Health and Healthcare in the U.S.

U.S. Work Culture

Final Reflections

Final Reflections

Background and Information

Planning Overview Visit the Planning Overview page for a big picture look at the ACCESS curriculum and tools to guide instructional planning.

Click through the resources in the Learner Assessment box on the main page of the REEP ESL Curriculum for Adults to review REEP's Assessment Framework and the level descriptions for the ACCESS levels.

The Resource page will connect you with a collection of website URLs that are useful planning and instructional resources. Websites, texts, and media suggested throughout the curriculum can be found in this collection. Physical resources are annotated with instructions for access. We manage our resources through the free online social bookmarking tool, del.icio.us. You can also find the bibliographic information for all physical resources cited in the ACCESS Curriculum.


Curriculum Developers
Mary Jane Tuckerman
Paul McCabe
Angie A. Felix
Michele Murphy
John Cloutier
Emily Becketti
Philip Cackley
Trish McLaurin Rodriguez
Jennifer Rhee
Michele Cona

Donna Moss
Patricia Thurston
Suzanne Grant